Alsatian"Tarte Flambeé

As Aperitif or just to enjoy


Bacon         Sfr. 20,00

             "Münster" Ceese       Sfr. 22,00   


     Steak Tatar  

         Freshly made ofargentinianbeef


salad bouquet, Butter and Toast

Appetizer     Sfr. 25,00           Main Dish   Sfr. 30,00

Very finechees fondue

From "Chäsegge" Baden

For Two    Sfr. 30,00 pro person           Oneperso    Sfr. 32,00


Mixed Lettuce
with roasted pumpkin seeds    ....Sfr.  8,00

Mixed garden salad according to season  .... Sfr.  11,00


Gooseliver terrine
with quince jelli, salad bouquet, butter and toast  ..Sfr..   24,00

Warm goat cheesein With ham cranberries,honey
salad bouquet    ...Sfr.   17,00

Gambas with oil,garlic and chili   Sfr. 19,00



Bouillon with pancake stripes   ...Sfr..   9,00

Clear Fishsoup mediterranean style
with roast bread   ....Sfr.   17,00

Soup of the day    ....Sfr.   8,00



Fried grated potatoes

Rösti with smoked salmon, crême fraiche,ruccola  Sfr. 26,00

Rösti with mediterranean vegetables
  and parmesan cheese...   Sfr. 23,00

      Rösti with veal "bratwurst" and onion sauce  Sfr. 22,00


with vegetables & parmesan  .... Sfr.  24,00

      with Gambas, chili, garlic & tomaoes  .... Sfr.  27,00

with porcini & creme....Sfr.  23,00


Plate "fitness"

fresh crispy seasonal

with two crispy pork schnitzels viennesestyle  .... Sfr.  26,00

with two crispy veal schnitzel viennese style  Sfr. 34,00

with juicily fried chicken breast   Sfr. 28,00

with fried zanderfilet with sage    Sfr. 34,00

main orders

Cordon Bleu golde , crispy
filled with gruyére cheese

pork  ca. 200 gr.      Sfr. 19,00
pork ca. 300 gr.       Sfr. 27,00

veal ca. 200 gr.  Sfr. 28,00

veal ca. 300 gr.   Sfr. 39,00

side orders
vegetables, french fries, tagliatelle or smallsalad  Sfr. 7,00  /  Rösti  Sfr. 8,00


veal strips " zürich styel"
Rösti   Sfr. 37,00


chicken breast

juicily fried, café de paris, tagliatelle  Sfr. 28,00


Filet of grilled beef

Sc. bernaise, mediterranea vegetables, potatoe croquettes

ca. 150 gr.  Sfr. 39,00 /  ca. 220 gr. Sfr. 49,00


Filed of beef "Rossini
goose liver terrine ,spicy jus.mediterranean vegetables,tagliatelle   Sfr. 54,00


saddle of lamb filet

medium, mediterranean vegetables, parmesan, Rösti   Sfr. 40,00


zanderfilet fried, riesling sauce, mediterranean vegetables, tagliatelle   Sfr. 37,00


smal dishes

plate "Paradies"    Sfr. 30,00

cheese plate     Sfr. 24,00



salad made of strips of sausage

wurstsalat plain / garnished      Sfr. 14,00/ Sfr. 18,00

wurstsalat with cheese/garnished        Sfr. 16,00/ Sfr. 20,00 



cooked ham     Sfr. 7,00

raw ham     Sfr. 8,00

salami    Sfr. 7,00

cheese      Sfr. 7,00


waldfest    Sfr.  8,00


origin of meat :

pork, veal, chicken              schwitzerland,france

lamb                                      new zealand

beef                                        USA/ argentinia (can be grown under use of hormons)

fish                                          pleas ask our personnel

Dear Guest

our staff will be pleased to inform about ingredienst which can cause allergies or intolerances.


your host

Prices in CHF, incl. 7,7% tax




          regional, saisonal and satisfying cuisine

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